Jessica’s Sarcoma Awareness Registered Charity

Number 1176639


Jessica Robson was diagnosed with alveolar sarcoma cancer on the 1st of November 2010 aged 14 after finding a slight lump in her right thigh on a holiday in August the same year.  Jessica started her first lot of chemotherapy treatment and she later had an operation to have the tumour removed, resulting in needing the use of a wheelchair.  After the operation Jessica had both chemotherapy and radiotherapy to ensure any cancerous cells remaining were destroyed.

Unfortunately further scans found shadows in Jessica’s chest, which resulted in further treatment.  However none of the chemotherapy Jessica underwent was successful.

Despite bravely powering through her GCSE’s and celebrating her 18th birthday in style with friends, on May 16th Jessica Sadly lost her battle to cancer.


What is Alveolar Sarcoma?


Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma (ASPA) is a very rare, slow-growing tumour of an unknown origin, which arises primarily in children and young adults.

ASPS involves intensive growth of new blood vessels, which connect the tumour to the blood system.  Those tumour cells can then easily migrate into other parts of the body, mainly the lung and brain.


Jessica’s Sarcoma Awareness


There were many charities that helped Jessica battle her disease, so Jessica’s family set up a charity in her name; Jessica’s Sarcoma Awareness.

10% of donations go to Teenage Cancer Trust, an additional 10% to Sarcoma UK.

The other 80% stays within Jessica’s Sarcoma Awareness, which will help pay for presents for children on cancer wards. Jessica loved fundraising and over the 3 1/2 year battle with cancer Jessica and her family had raised over £28,000.

The charity has since raised well over £200,000.


Our Aim

“Lets help kick cancer into touch”

There were many charities that helped Jessica battle her disease, her spirits was lifted through thoughtful gifts such as an ipad and holidays to Disneyland Paris.

Jessica’s especially loved when presents were brought in for the other children during Christmas and Easter.  Jessica was smiling right to the end, determined not to let her disease get the better of her.  Jessica’s Sarcoma Awareness aims to help other children fighting cancer to do the same!

The charity are currently progressing through building a lodge for children and teenagers with cancer.  The lodge will be a place of respite as well as somewhere to stay while they travel for treatment.

Jessica was never selfish, always smiling and never gave up. She never deserved this awful disease but I want Jessica’s spirits to live on even if her body doesn’t. We are one proud family and I want everyone to know what an inspiration she was.


Registered Charity Number: 1176639